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31 August 2017 @ 05:41 am

Action figures make great drawing tools (which is my excuse to buy more and I'm sticking to it!)
26 August 2017 @ 06:55 pm

Two small drawings of Gustav.

Pencil on paper, image size 15cm high, one hour each, from photograph.
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22 August 2017 @ 09:36 am

I have been very very sick this week with a winter flu I thought I had avoided, but no such luck. I've spent the days alternately sleeping, coughing, feeling wretched, watching old episodes of Knots Landing, and working on some more little paintings. These are fun to do and quite absorbing, as I'm really just learning to use acrylics. Making art feels a little futile to me as it has been 20 years since I did it for a living and no opportunity in sight, but I do them kind of compulsively and share them despite my better judgement. I've stopped putting my art on facebook at all as it only makes me feel worse, though putting them on instagram at least total strangers will comment positively. Friends on facebook not so, family, complete disinterest. Nothing much I can do about that.

I am loving catching up on the old Knots Landing episodes and have just started season 4, which I think is when the show really hit its stride and cemented its characters. I watched the show for fourteen years of its initial run. Being kind of a cult soap here it was always on very very late on a Saturday night, and I can recall watching it as a teen and my mother would appear in the doorway yelling "Turn that rubbish off!". That was the reaction pretty much regardless of what interested me. If my younger sister had wanted to stay up and watch Knots, a block party would have been organized. Those were hard times, having to adjust to my mothers idiot boyfriend moving in with us, being stuck at home mostly because I was a teen and hadn't started working yet, and I left home very shortly after aged 14. My older sister had already moved out and she was 16, she couldn't stand it either. As I stay up late in my own apartment aged 49 watching these actually quite beloved characters all over again, uninterrupted, I feel a sense of relief and achievement even though I know I have some decisions to make.
17 August 2017 @ 09:24 pm

Tried a litle more tweaking on my Lando/Billy Dee Williams 5x5 painting. I love these little canvases for practicing on. Painting is hard! This is about painting number ten or 11 I think.
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17 August 2017 @ 10:35 am

A few small sketches from this week. I am fascinated as ever by the mute character of Lobot from "Empire Strikes back", and indeed, that setting.
16 August 2017 @ 04:10 pm

Still sick with the flu, so today's art project was to do something large on my new drawing easel (which I have made out of an IKEA desktop). I had some leftover good quality drawing paper lying around for ages, and I had an idea to do a large drawing of the head of a bison. Have I had too much cough medcine today? probably, as I got halfway done in just a few hours. Plenty more work to do as I want a lot of very realistic detail. Waiting for the Vietnamese restaurant around the corner to open so I can get some steaming Pho. two years in this neighbourhood and I still haven't tried this place, I forget its there. Chicken soup is the only answer, and then a night in front of the tv.
16 August 2017 @ 10:36 am

Self Portrait August 2017.
16 August 2017 @ 06:00 am

Home sick with the flu for a couple of days,so I decided at least one task I should set for myself is at least one tiny painting. I try and create a shorthand for Star Wars characters, so that i can draw them without resorting to google images or reference. Having already worked for Disney I have a dream of working on something in Star wars publishing, of which there is a great deal now and more to come with more films.So I keep at it without a particular plan in mind. This week I've drawn Lando (Billy Dee Williams) several times. I spent Monday tidying up my studio which always gives me impetus to do some work. It was so nice to be ensconced in my studio with the wind and rain howling outside and to just take my time. This is onyl about the tenth painting I have done, I really have no idea how to paint. I asked a friend who is a painter what to do and she said, "Just paint the darker colours first and then the light", which kind of made sense so that's what I do. I find the acrylics very difficult to manipulate, I'm still learning, its very different to drawing, which I feel I've mastered to the extent that i can get onto the page any idea thats in my mind. Painting is the new challenge and I really only started it when I moved to the "beach house" (more on that later).
It's nice to write too, it feels nice to revisit livejournal and just to write regardless of whether anyone reads it..facebook is just misery, complaints, knee jerk reactions, its like talkback radio.
10 August 2017 @ 10:56 am
I was reminded by Maxine Rawson yesterday that it was 29 years since the death of one of our childhood friends, Leanne Collins, and I would like to say a few words about her.
I had known Leanne since I was in my first year of school, her brother and my sister were in the same class and our mums knew each other too. Then Leanne and i were in the same class in 6th grade, and became really good friends, in Mr Dennett's class at Belmore North primary school, a wonderful place. Leanne was a sunny natured girl with a huge smile, always immaculately turned out, straight blonde hair always perfectly brushed, neat as a pin, a bit of a goody two shoes, never in trouble. If she started laughing, and she got embarrassed she would laugh even more and be unable to stop. The teacher called her Mrs Cacklebody which would make her crack up even more.
The summer holidays between primary school and high school, I would wander up and hang out at Leanne's place which was the flat behind the butcher shop. I was always made welcome by her family, who may not have had much but like the old adage, didn't have any trouble sharing it. Her brother was very bookish and Leanne teased him mercilessly. We were not going to the same high school being on different sides of the highway for school zoning. Belfield was not a place with much to do and so we would rollerskate all over the place and talk about our favourite bands Duran Duran and Adam Ant, huddled in front of the tv seeing the "Hungry Like The Wolf" video for the first time. I recall many trips to Roselands looking for clothes and when she just had to have a frilly shirt to wear to a concert, and hair like Kim Wilde. We weren't kids who had lots of money to do things so we made our own fun. High school and life took us in different directions and we lost touch and I moved away. One day at work I saw the newspaper headlines of her death and I felt so sad for her family and her baby.
I was so happy to learn today that her son is all grown up, and he is a really cool DJ! Leanne was music mad and I know she would think this was insanely cool.
She was hilariously funny, loved to poke fun at people, never sad. To this day, I can hear her voice in my mind as clear as a bell. The extraordinary light in Sydney where we are from shines differently than anywhere else in the world, if you're from there you know what I mean. I can remember it blindingly bright bouncing off her blonde hair. It makes pale skin glow almost translucent. I will always find Leanne where i see that glorious light.
10 August 2017 @ 10:35 am

I stand accused of neglecting livejournal, so I'm going to endeavour to pick it up back up again. Many left in favour of the quick fix that is facebook, but as we stand in the middle of a hate-stirring gay marriage debate in Australia, and the rest of the world seemingly on the brink of world war 3, facebook has just become a repository of knee-jerk reactions and hate speech. It is hard to avoid it no matter how hard you try and filter it. Its a funnel of filth. For more thoughtful considerations we have always had blogging, even those times when you feel nobody reads it, its a nice record of your time on earth. Expect to hear more from me (its been a pretty good year). In this photo I am at the Keith haring mural in Collingwood, Melbourne, recently restored. As is my livejournal!