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18 May 2018 @ 11:10 pm
I had a dream.

I was on a rowboat on a very still, very murky river, the water like dark, dirty milk. On that boat was also a woman named Sarah. Sarah wore a pale blue dress which reached her ankles, stained with mud all around the hem, but neatly, as if a one inch strip of brown mud was the seamstress' intention. On her head she wore a blue scarf, tied at the back. A blue check shirt, faded. Thin face, which her wide brown eyes stared out of, fearfully. Also on this boat was a tall man with a very close grey beard, full brown lips, eyes like brown apples floating in watery pools, purple around from lack of sleep or a beating, one oar in each of his brown hands. We all three crouched low in the boat, letting the current of the river take the boat along, none of us making a sound, further and further along that dark glass until the canopy of trees on either side thickened and grew closer in, covering us like arms. Spanish moss hung down, brushing our hair and faces, dragging in the water. With steady purpose we pushed on, using the oars to move us through the water which became more shallow, the trees darker and darker, on to the place where the graveyard had always been. From far into the interior of this scene, lights appeared, dim orange orbs, through the trees towards us, weaving and bobbing. As they came closer, and we to them, still moving in our boat, their gelatinous shapes elongated, and they floated and then stood in increasing numbers on the shore. These were the embers of the people who had been custodians of this land before it was taken from them, and the slaves who had been brought to and worked this land until they were broken. The temperature dropped. I could see my icy breath and Sarah's. Our purpose then became clear. We were going to fill the boat with all of these ghosts, and take them back with us, and unleash them on the world that oppressed them.
12 May 2018 @ 08:34 am

Just a few quick sketch ideas that I'll work up into larger and more detailed illustrations. I like the idea of the Millennium Falcon as a set piece that over its years has different owners, different adventures. Obviously so do Disney having made the new film which im really excited about and cant wait to see, I suspect it will do well enough that it will get two sequels. Disney have bought these characters, they arent going to leave them dusty on the shelf. A UK Star wars fan website did a feature story on ym Star wars art on my instagram, i was really chuffed, I think im good but I get very little feedback...total strangers will hit the like button at least, freinds its like drawing blood. Nice to know other fans like my work. I still think I can do something Star wars professionally and if i could get even ONE official comic book cover I can die happy. There is so much publishing going on and way more to come. I turn 50 tomorrow, time is ticking!

I'm not doing anything for my birthday, I doubt anyone here would remember if facebook didn't remind them. I'm not organizing anything and family have shown no interest (being interstate isn't really an excuse). Why should I organize my 50th celebration myself? I don't have a partner or anyone to organize anything for me. If I think about it I just get mad.
12 May 2018 @ 08:28 am

a couple of my life drawings from this week. i go at least twice a week, its an untutored class in the Nicholas building in the cbd. I used to love  going to the city here but its really taken an ugly turn, its so dirty I feel like I'm going to get hepatitis just walking to Flinders street station .

its very rare to get the opportunity to draw a pregnant model. I'm trying to post here more regularly and posting from my phone...its clunky and I cant get the images to load smaller. Working on it!

24 April 2018 @ 09:04 am

My friend Corey visited from Sydney and we went to the theatre. Great show. Other than that just a normal week.
24 April 2018 @ 09:02 am

pretty haply with how this is healing

24 April 2018 @ 08:55 am
I dreamed that you came by to show me your new car.
I'll add I'm never impressed just by a car.
Went for a drive, sunny day, warm and windy,
looked at some locations where you were thinking about buying a house.
"You're never going to leave him, are you?"
"I'll walk back"
20 April 2018 @ 09:14 am
Modelling nude for an art class can be a very interesting and/or confronting experience. As a model, there is no flattery and you see yourself how others see you, not how you want to be seen. As a participating artist I frequently see how artists can be rude and unappreciative of the models, walking out of the room mid-pose for example. Last week as a model I was observed some very strange and amusing behaviour. Now I know that young dudes turn up to drawing class in the hope that they're going to be sitting near some beautiful naked young buxom woman, and last week they got me. One particular insufferable young Melbourne wannabe hipster was so uncomfortable in my presence, couldn't make eye contact, couldn't look at me even when I was posing, couldn't walk near me or make any eye contact when he had to walk past even a fully clothed me to get to the kitchen. Have you ever, as a gay man, been intrinsically aware that someone is so uncomfortable in your presence that they are literally bristling with affront? And you know why even if they don't because they havent figured it out yet? Because they are so intimidated by someone who is comfortable in their own skin? He couldnt look at me, couldn't draw. Sharpened his pencils, shuffled and rearranged all the papers on his desk. Did this for 45 minutes. Did everything he could to avoid looking at me and make the other eight or so artists in the room aware of how uncomfortable he was feeling and to draw attention away from me and towards himself. Eventually, drew a picture of my foot. And this, which everyone raved about because he's an "emerging artist". I never stop laughing here in the "art capital of Australia". Really.

13 April 2018 @ 05:06 pm

my week in pictures, part three

13 April 2018 @ 05:04 pm

my week in pictures, part two.

13 April 2018 @ 04:59 pm

my week in pictures